Planning An Outdoor Wedding? Here’s The Checklist You’ll Need 

Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding, where every single object and every single person in a dress is picture perfect. From the food, the cake, the venue, the dresses, the color of the linens on the tables to the color of the invite cards. 

Outdoor weddings are breathtaking events; planned right, they can be truly magical and beautiful. 

What’s Popular These Days 

The idea of having an outdoor and a rustic wedding.  

Everybody is opting for an al fresco style wedding these days since it is more happening, more fun and colorful! You could either choose to dance under the bright blue skies or under a starry sky with romantic lights. The choice is yours. 

Heads up For These 


When you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you have a variety to choose from. If it is your favorite park, choose your favorite spot and pitch a tent. Now, you have to be very careful about the kind of tents that you would be choosing. It has got to be spacious enough to accommodate all the guests. 

Depending on the weather conditions, you could choose a tent that has fans or air conditioners fitted in so that the guests don’t feel hot and sweaty. Make an arrangement with the local rental store and check the suitable materials available for the tents. 

Don’t forget to weatherproof your tents in case it begins pouring cats and dogs. 


It would be difficult for people to have a good time if there is no proper sanitation facility. You can go for portable luxury restrooms. They have features like granite counter-tops, air conditioning, or heaters depending on the time of the year, in-room music, and lots more. 

You could choose to keep customized fragrant napkins in the restroom facility. To take things up a notch, add fancy soaps and monogrammed towels. You could opt for one portable restroom for every 30 people. 

Let The Lights Kick In 


If your wedding is in the evening, the lighting should be such that the guests are able to see each other easily.  You could use quirky luminaires to brighten up the area.  Use run-along lights to guide people around the venue. 


If you are planning your wedding in a park or a rented plot, make sure you get permissions from authorities. Certain places have restrictions on playing loud music or consuming alcohol or even smoking for that matter.  

Keep yourself from such trouble; get permission from the right authorities. 

Keep The Insects At Bay 

Consider spraying a repellent by an exterminator two days before the big day. 

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